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Regulating Registered Nurses in the Public Interest Since 1922

CRNPEI has a new website and a new database — which will be used for all Registrant and Applicant Activities. In order to begin using the new functions, you must first Activate your Account in the Member Portal. Go to Member Login (above) and choose “Activate Now” to begin your Activation — use your email on record but you cannot use an old password.

You can find a video with instructions here for Account Activation


Regulating Registered Nurses in the Public Interest Since 1922


The College of Registered Nurses of PEI (CRNPEI) was established in 2018 by the Regulated Health Professions Act as the regulatory body for Registered Nurses in PEI. Oversight of Registered Nurses was originally undertaken by the Association of Registered Nurses of PEI which was formed in 1922, later legislated by the RN Act.

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners are self-regulated health professionals in PEI. The regulatory functions of CRNPEI under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) are in the best interest of the public and include:

  • Member Registration;
  • Discipline; and
  • Approval of Education Programs

Online Renewal Update

The Renewal period begins September 1st, 2020 for the period November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2021. Current registrants must complete renewal by October 1, 2020, or a late fee will apply. Anyone not renewed by October 31, 2020 will no longer be a member, and a reinstatement will be required.

Registration Required to Begin Work

A CRNPEI registration certificate is required in order to begin orientation and work as a Registered Nurse, Graduate Nurse or Nurse Practitioner in PEI.

Reduction in Renewal Fees

The current renewal and registration fees are being reduced due to our discontinuance of the collection of CNA Jurisdictional membership fees. Renewal and registration fees will be reduced by $63.65. The renewal fee for an RN will be $502.85 ($454.85 + CNPS fee $48.00) and for an NP $631.60 ($472.10 + CNPS fee $159.50).

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