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Strategic Outcomes (2021-2024)

Vision, Mission, Goals

VISION: Excellence in Nursing Regulation: To ensure the public can expect safe, high quality registered nursing practice in PEI.

MISSION: CRNMPEI is the regulatory body for Registered Nurses (RNs)/ Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in PEI whose purpose is to regulate nursing practice to ensure protection of the public.

Strategic Outcome 1

Public Confidence in Excellent Self-Regulation

The Public can expect and understand that CRNMPEI sets the conditions for registered nurses and nurse practitioners to practice safely, professionally, and with integrity in all domains of practice (clinical practice, education, administration and research). The public can rely on fair, transparent, timely, effective and objective regulatory processes.

The public have confidence in the CRNMPEI to ensure safe, competent, professional nursing practice.

     CRNMPEI’s regulatory processes and policies are objective, accessible and fair.

     CRNMPEI’s regulatory services and resources enable nurse to identify and achieve standards for the profession.

Public policy is influenced to ensure that nursing practice in PEI aligns with the Registered Nurses Regulations, Standards of Practice, Policies and Practice Directives, as well as best practice.

Strategic Outcome 2

       Accountable, Quality Professional Practice

Ethical, competent, and accountable registered nurses and nurse practitioners practice safely, effectively, and collaboratively, consistent with the Standards of Practice, Competencies and Code of Ethics. They actively participate in quality learning and improvement initiatives that align with their practice and build continuing competence.

     Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners apply knowledge, skills and judgement to their full scope of practice.

     Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners engage in self-directed professional development and meet the requirements for continuing competence.

    Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners have access to resources to support their professional practice and engage in self-regulation.

Strategic Outcome 3

     Collaboration for Public Protection

Collaborative working relationships within regulatory, government and health care sectors are fostered to build effective regulation, public safety, and quality care for the public. The government and stakeholders receive input, when requested, from CRNMPEI to inform policy decisions.

Approved Feb 25th 2021 by the Council of CRNMPEI

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