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Frequently Asked Questions

The correct term to use to refer to a new graduate nurse is Graduate Nurse or GN, the use of the term GAR is old language based on old legislation. GAR is not a correct term and should not be used.
Once CRNMPEI has received all required documents, proof from the educational institution that you have completed your nursing program and that you have an appointment scheduled to take the NCLEX-RN, your application will be processed within 10 business days.
No, you cannot begin to work, including orientation, without having your GN registration.
CRNMPEI is the regulatory body for RNs, NPs, GNs and GNPs in PEI, regulating practice in the best interest of the public. CRNMPEI sets practice and ethical standards to enhance the quality of practice of its members. CRNMPEI is not involved in the employer employee relationship, such as contract issues, staffing issues or employment issues.

No, you must be supervised in practice by an RN while you hold a GN registration. Please see the Supervision Policy.

A GN may perform all of the Reserved Activities listed in the Registered Nurses Regulations as long as the following are met: there is an order from a NP or Physician, they are supervised in practice by an RN, and the activities fall within the GN’s own competency. For more information see the Registered Nurses Regulations.
You can call CRNMPEI to ask questions related to your practice. You may also find the Standards for Nursing Practice, Entry Level Competencies, Practice Directives, and the Code of the Ethics helpful (See the Professional Practice Tab for Resources). You can also contact CNPS, who provides your liability protection to seek a legal opinion.

Yes, your GN registration will remain valid until the expiry date indicated on your certificate. You must renew your GN registration 30 days prior to its expiration if you do not pass the NCLEX before the end of the registration year (October 31st). If you fail the NCLEX three times, then your GN registration will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to work until you successfully complete the NCLEX and become registered as an RN. Please see Graduate Nurse Registration Policy.

No, the NCLEX-RN exam is the entry to practice exam for initial RN registration. This requirement is found in the Registered Nurses Regulations. CRNMPEI does not recognize any other nursing exam for entry to practice, including CASN’s voluntary Canadian Examination for Baccalaureate Nursing.
By October 1st, of each year.
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