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Temporary Emergency Registration

Temporary Emergency Registration with CRNPEI is for the purpose of RNs or NPs who will be practicing for a short period of time for the purpose of working in a public health emergency, not as a solution to staffing shortages. Temporary Emergency Registration is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and may be extended by the Registrar.

The following criteria must be met by any registered nurse or nurse practitioner to be considered for a Temporary Emergency Registration:

  1. Prince Edward Island was their home jurisdiction prior to their lapse in registration or retirement; and
  2. Has 1,125 hours of registered nursing practice in the last five years or 450 hours in the past year but does not hold a current registration with CRNPEI (retired or did not renew); or
  3. Has 900 hours of nurse practitioner practice in the last 3 year but does not hold a current registration with CRNPEI (retired or did not renew); or
  4. Registered as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner in another Canadian jurisdiction, in good standing; and
  5. They have been asked by an employer in PEI to work for the purposes of a public health emergency response.

Every person applying must complete the Temporary Emergency Registration Application in the online portal.

If you are not registered, are volunteering and have been contacted with an assignment by an employer as an NP during the Covid-19 Pandemic — you must complete an application for temporary emergency registration through the Applicant Portal.

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