Council Meeting Materials – December 6, 2021

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Council Meeting Materials - December 6, 2021

Attached Files

1639502029wpdm_Council Agenda 2021 December 16.pdf
Item 3.1 Council Minutes 2021-09-08 DRAFT.pdf
Item 4.2.1A Statement of Income & Expenses September 2021.pdf
Item 4.3.1A Draft -- Acceptable Behavior Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1B Applicant in Disciplinary Process Another Jursidiction 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1C Code of Conduct Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1D Confidentiality Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1E Conflict of Interest Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1F Criminal Record Check Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1G Expense Account Allowances Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1H Graduate Nurse Registration Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1I Impaired Driving Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1J Late Registration 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1K Records Management Policy 2021-09-21.pdf
Item 4.3.1L Remuneration Policy 2021-12-16.pdf
Item 4.3.1M Practice Directive - Investigational and Special Access Program Medications.pdf
Item 4.3.1N Practice Directive RN - MAiD - 2021-12-15.pdf
1639502256wpdm_Item 4.3.1P MAiD RN Practice Directive -- Reference Document from Medical Assistance in Dying Act.pdf
Item 4.3.1Q MAiD RN Practice Directive -- Reference Document #2.pdf
Item 4.3.4A 2021-09-28 UPEI Letter to CRNMPEI Council - Sept 28, 2021.pdf
Item 4.3.4B UPEI Program Report 2020-2021 December 10, 2021.pdf
Item 4.3.5A Regulation of Midwives Feedback.pdf
Item 4.3.9A Vision for the Future of Nursing in Canada.pdf
Item 4.5A CRS Council Report December 2021.pdf
Item 4.6A Investigator Report December 2021.pdf
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